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Looking For A Business Broker

The RE & Company Brokers Act, 2002 states that in order to investor in companies or genuine estate (under the Act, companies are dealt with as ‘genuine home’) that an individual should have a real estate professionals certificate. To call oneself a sales rep or organization broker in Toronto without the appropriate licensing is not …

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Investing in Real Estate

There are two primary types of Real Estate. Residential and commercial. Residential real estate includes single-family homes, apartment buildings, townhouses, and condominiums. Industrial property includes factories, land, warehouses, and other commercial properties. Both types are good investments. To learn more about Real Estate, visit our website or contact us. We will be happy to help …

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Digital Real Estate

  Digital Real Estate is highly lucrative. The value of digital real estate depends on its revenue, stability, and desirability. This includes all online properties and smart phone apps. The value of a digital asset depends on how profitable and desirable it is, and whether or not it has a recognizable name or a developed …

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